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Moffman Plush **PRE-ORDER**

Moffman Plush **PRE-ORDER**

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Sani's Friend Shack Presents MOFFMAN! This lovable, lamp-obsessed cryptid is ready to hug you with his long arms.

Sani is best known in our store for the freaky furby features and incredible one-of-one plush pieces. Moffman is Sani's FIRST Factory manufactured plush! Born of a desire to bring a greater level of financial accessibility to Sani's supporters, - "so everyone can have a special baby if they want it!"

With supersoft fur, poseable antenna, long huggy arms, a classic Sani face smile, claws, THICC booty, and even a lamp tramp stamp (featuring Sani's actual handwriting). This bundle also includes a limited edition print taken directly from the first Moffman blueprint, only available with preorders.

Pre-orders end Wednesday the 10th at midnight. (NZ time) Pre-order turnaround is between 4-12 weeks +FREE NZ Wide Shipping 

Moffman is 26cm tall excluding antenna! 

Not FDA-tested as a play toy for children. Children should use it under supervision only.  

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