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Celestial Corner

Save Celestial Corner Shop Raffle

Save Celestial Corner Shop Raffle

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How many Tickets Can we Sell Before March 1st, 2024? Each Ticket purchased is an entry and a koha towards keeping Celestial's doors open.

1. Goal One sell 333 Tickets to buy us some time. 
2. Goal Two sell 666 tickets and clear our entire rental debt. 

Buy a raffle ticket and be in to win the ultimate prize pool. 

  • A Screaming Jewellery, Silver, Star Ring. Valued at $300. 
  • A Jeremy Cole A2 Limited Edition Metallic Astro Print Valued at $300. 
  • A Finch Inks Sticker pack and Flash Tattoo. Valued at up to $300. 
  • A Vandal and Hound, Gift Voucher, for a Custom Piece. Valued at $280.
  • A Sybs, Full Fragrance Blend & Candle Making Workshop for 3. Valued at $270. 
  • 3x Pepper Raccoon Earrings and 3x Pins, Valued at $210
  • An Almond Sugary Necklace & Earrings Set. Valued at $200
  • 3x Moss Pixie, Handmade, Necklaces. Valued at $140.
  • 3x Darkling Ceramics, Handmade Unicorn & Stone Mug, Moo Ceramic Ghost and a Ceramic Spookling. Valued at $110. 
  • 2x MNA Streetwear Printed T’s. Valued at $100
  • A Poison Spike, Silver Ring. Valued at $90. 
  • 3x Viper Fangs Art Wire Wrapped Rings Valued at $70
  • An Acidic Crochet, Bucket Hat, Valued at $60
  • A pair of Leroy Lollipop Earrings, and a pair of gummy bear earrings. Valued at $42. 
  • Tempests Corner Pearler Earrings Valued at $46. 
  • An Ataahua Jewellery, I Love Kroad Necklace. Valued at $25. 
  • Repairing Angels World Logo Charm. Valued at $10. 

That’s a total value of over $2,500 worth of prizes donated by the Celestial Artist Collective and our Community 🫶🏼 

Celestial Corner has run into a dangerous financial position and we are at risk of losing our magical little store space. 

We spend so much time, energy, and money supporting local makers, and now we need you to support us.

We have just over one week to raise $5,000 - Half the total amount we need to raise. This will buy us enough time to figure out an action plan for raising the second half. 

If we don’t manage to raise the 5k needed before March 1st, 2024, we will be evicted. 

We want to keep running our markets, keep our doors open, and keep providing you with the coolest Alternative and Aotearoa made. 

There aren’t many stores in New Zealand like ours and that’s because it’s really hard to compete with the prices of mass-produced products and the output of these giant corporations. We are a group of 10, organized by just 1.

All funds go towards paying off the business debt and keeping Celestial Corner alive.

Thank you so much for your support ❤️

*The Raffle will be drawn March 1st 2024, the last day for ticket sales is Feb 29th 2024 at Midnight. The winner will be annouced online on our social media platforms and by email. The winner will have option to collect the prize pool from the shop or we can ship for free within NZ or for a fee internationally. You must travel to Auckland to reedeem the tattoo. You may enter as many times as you like, each ticket purchased is an entry. 
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